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September 2, 2010 / compilationstation

Submissions for 3 zines by Nico

THREE ZINES currently needing submissions:


My newest zine all about how you lost it! I want yr story of yr first time! Don’t make me come find you in a bar and drunkenly write it out for me!!!

Broke Ass Barista:

” stories of working in the service industry”

I have been working in the service industry since I was 15. It’s a love/hate relationship. You better believe that over the last 6+ years, I have some wild stories. As I’m sure, you do too.and I want them.

 Good Sex/ Bad Sex Issue 2:

i want yr sex stories! the steamy, the saucy, the raunchy, the nasty.i also want the sad, the messy, the ones to laugh off, the ones you want to forget, the magical, the passionate, the ones you continue to masturbate to…basically, i want it all.

issue two is aiming to be twice as big as the first!feel free to submit multiple stories! 

NO DEADLINE because everyone sucks at them. but write them to me soon, yes? 

snail mail me:

miss nico

p.o. box 070143

milwaukee, wi 53207

 or E-MAIL: or


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