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October 27, 2010 / compilationstation

Stumptown Underground #15 Submission call!

Stumptown Underground
Issue 15 – October
Submissions & Art Call

We are a collective publishing monthly zines of various works (comics, writings, recipes, interactive activity lists, one-off drawings / pictures to color, reviews of all kinds, etc.) all centralized around a different theme.

We are ready to start taking submissions for our fifteenth issue centralized around the theme of Religion & Spirituality (title TDB)..

The deadline goal for submissions for our fifteenth issue is November 23rd, but the earlier you submit, the better! We plan to have this issue all finished and the first 100 copies printed in December.


What we need from you if you’re submitting:
— Your submission, of course! 5″ x 8″ (or a 2-page spread of 10″ x 8″)
– Writing: PLEASE format your writing yourself. This will better represent you and your own, unique style in our issue. So, try not to send us an word document attached to an email. Please do try send us something you’ve typed, handwritten, or made pretty in some other way (photoshop or illustrator?) that is formatted to be printed 5″ x 8″. Also, it’s awesome when typed submissions are sent as .ai or .psd files so that we can resize the text and edit for grammar and spelling, if needed.
– Art: All illustrated pieces will be considered for the cover (unless you ask us not to). Send us a file that is at least 300 dpi, please! You can submit in color, but unless your art makes cover or back cover, it will probably be in black and white.
– Comics: Send us the file in at least 300 dpi or higher, seriously!
— Your name and how you’d like to be listed in the issue / online.
— A link to your website for us to list in the credits of the zine! If you don’t send us this with every submission, we won’t be able to list your website.
— How long should your submission be? Well, try to have a goal of 1-3 pages in mind..
— Your address, if you live outside Portland, so we can mail you your copies if you make it into the zine..
— Any and all submissions should be sent to (as well as questions, comments, concerns, and props).
We will be providing all contributors with 1 printed copy of the issue they are in to do with as they please and selling issues to zine carrying stores and at whatever conventions we go to, price TBD (based on how big the issue ends up being) to keep continuing publications by Stumptown Underground. We are also working to make previews of all issues available online!

All the editors review and vote on submissions (it’s a collective!) and, whether approved or rejected, you will be notified by email. If you make it in, you will be listed as a contributor to Stumptown Underground in the issue (with a link to your site, if you’d like), of course, and online (again with a link, if you’d like).

Thanks for reading and thanks for your consideration, we hope you are inspired to submit!

With respect,
Stumptown Underground

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