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December 17, 2010 / compilationstation

Disabling Fallacies, a zine about misconceptions of disability

Here’s the skinny: I’m making a comp zine about the misconceptions people have faced with regards to their disabilities. Are you going to take a shotgun to the next person who tells you it’s all in your head? Do media representations of your disability make you grit your teeth? Ever had someone ask does he take sugar, or variations of it? Have you been told you can’t do that (or you can do that) when you know perfectly well what you can and cannot do, thanks? These are only some ideas. I hope to get a wide spectrum of experience in the zine, so contributors do not have to self-identify as disabled.

I will be printing this zine in braille and in LP as well as in regular text. This means that while submissions can be essays, stories, anecdotes, poetry, or any other text-based medium, I’m not able to take artwork or comics unless you are able to provide an accessible text alternative. Sorry! Submissions can be as short as you like but shouldn’t go over 1500 words. All contributors will get a free copy, obviously, so I’d especially appreciate contributions from Europe – mailing to the Americas is expensive, although Americans shouldn’t let this put them off contributing. If you’ve got any ideas, questions, submissions – or heck, if you just want to chat – either message me on here or email zisforzine at hotmail dot co dot uk.

And if you don’t want to contribute yourself, but know someone who might, please pass this along.

 And a deadline, since people keep asking for one: 1st February 2011.



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  1. Karley / Dec 27 2010 3:55 pm

    Hello. I am severely physically handicapped and recently began a journey towards getting my first joint replacement surgery. I have been keeping a bit of a journal about every doctors appointment I have had during this process, along with my personal feelings. Would you be interested in using something like that in your zine? I am in Baltimore, Maryland USA but I wouldn’t need you to send me a copy of the zine. I would just like to help your project. Please email me, so I know where to send the journal (if you’re interested, or I can write something totally different if you’d like)…

    • compilationstation / Dec 28 2010 11:54 am

      You may want to contact the person doing this zine directly at their email address provided. I take submission calls from other places on the internet and post them here, so there is a chance that they may not see your question.


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