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December 30, 2010 / compilationstation

Call for submissions: Femme a Barbe

Femme a Barbe seeks to promote discussions of identity and desire (mostly) through that stuff that grows (or doesn’t grow) on our faces. Whether you love it, hate it, want it, got rid of it or are trying to grow it….Issue 3 has a particular focus on relationships, romance, and attraction, but go ahead, deviate from that and see if i care.

From Issue 1: “To the Secret Freaks: Come with me! Dare to imagine a world full of women with beards and other gender outlaws, to imagine the possibilities of a feminist cultural politic that rejects the bullshit concern that feminism appear normal, a queer cultural politic that rejects the mainstream gay desire to assimilate and consume. Make a spectacle of yourself. Join the Femme a Barbe insurgency!”

All submissions must be:
5×8, Black and White or Grayscale
Images must be at least 350 dpi and JPEG
please send submissions to sassyfrasscircus [at] gmail [dot] com.



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