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January 31, 2011 / compilationstation

Submission Call: Bad Roommate zine!

Call for Submissions: True Stories About Bad Roommates for a zine about…. BAD ROOMMATES. Your stories may be written or drawn. Edited by Nicole J. Georges and published in time for the 2011 Portland Zine Symposium.

I have had approximately 25 roommates since moving out of my parents’ house at age 17. I have lived with aggro alcoholics, fire setting bike messengers, food-stealing bulimics, morning wood walker-arounders, and more neglected cats than I care to mention. There is nothing I hate more than a bad roommate, and nothing I love more than to talk about them after the fact. So please, tell me your favorite story!I know someone who had a roommate so concerned with being green that he kept a reusable rag on the toilet to rinse & use as his own personal alternative to toilet paper. It was stained! We can’t let this information die with her memory! Someone’s got to record this for the history books!That person is me. I’m looking for personal narratives, true stories, lists, charts, and comics about your worst roommate experiences.

GUIDELINES: You should keep the roommates anonymous (give them a pseudonym or other disguise), and you yourself have the option to submit anonymously if you so choose. If you are a comic artist and you would like to contribute but are looking for ideas of what to draw(in order to not have your well-rendered former cohabitants track you down and kill you) please consider illustrating someone else’s bad roommate story. A friend of yours or a friend of mine!

Email me for details if you need a story. Deadline: July 1st 2011
No late submissions will be accepted

Send submissions to:

The final size will be half legal. Writers:Your story can be as short as a paragraph. The limit is 2 pages. Please paste your submission into the body of an email AND attach it in a document. Comic Artists: 1-4 pages, black and white, 7″ wide by 8.5″ tall600 dpiSubmit large files via sendspace or pdf. Please include a short (2-5 line) bio with your piece if you are not going the anonymous route. Artists will be contacted by August 1st if their submission is selected. Those selected will be featured in the publication, and may also be promoted on the Invincible Summer blog and receive a free copy of the issue in which they appear. Feel free to pass along, and I look forward to reading your salacious stories! Nicole J. Georgeszines, illustrations, pet portraits and presentations


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