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February 4, 2011 / compilationstation

Objects in Mirrors – a suicide survival zine

I’m glad you are reading this, because being here reading this means
you’re alive, and in my humble opinion no matter who you are or what
you do, the world is a better place because you’re in it.

There have been a lot of times i didn’t think i was going to make it
through the night. I have had one over dose and a lot of near
attempts, and have found not wanting to be alive is a lonely and
exhausting struggle.

I’d like to compile a survival guide for being suicidal, because i
feel not enough good guides exist on this topic. I plan to publish
this guide in a zine I’m creating also called “Objects In Mirrors”
that i’m hoping to distribute by the end of feb.

I envision this guide including things like identifying your emotions,
alternatives to suicide based on what emotion youre feeling, messages
of hope, survivor stories, a worksheet to make a crisis plan/mad map,

Is anyone interested in helping me compile this guide? Let me know
what part of the guide you’d like to work on, what else you think the
guide should include, and email me with your ideas at objectsinmirrors
at gmail dot com.

Original art, photographs, poems, journal entries, and song lyrics
relating to mental health are welcomed for the creative expressions
section.  Anyone whose submissions are chosen will receive a free

objectsinmirrors at gmail dot com

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