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March 5, 2011 / compilationstation

Greyhound Stories

If you’ve ever taken a Greyhound bus, chances are you have a story worth telling. For years before I ever set foot on a Greyhound, I’d heard people make jokes about “the kinds of people” who ride the buses. I dismissed their comments as classist snobbery…until the first time I stepped into a Greyhound bus station. It was like stepping into a universe filled with people who had no sense of social boundaries or patience for small talk. Immediately, I was confronted with people who wanted to tell me their life stories after speaking to me for a total of 15 seconds. After a mere 6 months of “Going Greyhound” on a semi-regular basis, I have heard tales of murder and deception, met a grandfather and grandson duo who were traveling halfway across the USA to go to a county fair, been hit on by a socially awkward teenager, and, one time, was the only person on the bus who wasn’t recently released from jail.
For this zine, I’m collecting TRUE stories of Greyhound adventures from bus riders. You’re welcome to tell your story in writing, photos, drawings, or any other medium that suits your fancy. All stories should be 2 pages or less and should conceal identifying details of people appearing in your story.
Please email your submissions to by April 15, 2011. Visual submissions should be submitted in jpeg format and should be suitable for black and white printing.

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