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March 23, 2011 / compilationstation

A compilation zine of lists.

I’m putting together a list comp zine! Basically, it involves the following:1. anyone who wants to e-mails me a title of a list (that they come up with). (claraDOTlipfertATdresdenDOTus)

2. I write all the titles everyone has come up with on pieces of paper and draw them out randomly, assigning each list title to one of the people who has contributed one. (you give a title, you get a title.)

3. you write out your assigned list on a 4.25″ by 5.5″ (that’s a quarter of a regular sheet) piece of paper. (you can use more than one piece of paper, but it has to be in that format.)  it can be handwritten or typewritten or whatever. include the list title, your name, the list itself, any sort of explanation if you think it necessary, and any sort of art you want. then mail it to me or give it to me in person. I’ll assemble the whole thing.

examples of possible list titles:

-addresses of all the places I have slept in the past year;

-mathematicians I’d like to meet;


weird is preferred.

make sense? swell. if it doesn’t, e-mail me with questions!

Thanks so much!



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