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August 12, 2011 / compilationstation

Female to Whatever – Call for Submissions

Call To Submissions

Female to Whatever is a zine by and about not-so-binary CAFAB
(coercively assigned female at birth) trans* folks. This is, hopefully depending
on the turn-out, the first issue of a series of zines documenting experiences of
CAFAB trans* folks, providing advice, and providing a way to get your artwork
out there. Submissions are open to trans* identified folks.*

Please send submissions to Anonymous submissions are also accepted via email or by leaving something in the Ask Box at  Please let us know if you’d like
us to include a pseudonym, bio, or link to your work in your

Possible Topics for

– Misgendering
(example: being pegged as a “dude” simply for being in an FTM

– Experiences within “Women’s
Spaces”/Feminist Spaces.

– Examining
experiences with misogyny despite not IDing as a

– The possibility of male privilege and
how that intersects with non-binary

– Gender policing and bullying, in
supposedly safe spaces, especially in regards to medical

– Early stages of non-binary
transition and identity. Did you identify as a man and pull away from that? Did
you always ID as non-binary?

Anything that can be reproduced in a 2D

1, 2011

*For the “allies” that are offended by
this zine “excluding” you, remember that every space is a cisgender space. We’re
allowed to make way for ourselves.


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