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October 16, 2011 / compilationstation

Vampire Sushi #2

VAMPIRE SUSHI #2 COMPILATION ZINE desperately needs your submissions! we have extended the deadline until 23rd OCTOBER now (since the original deadline was almost two weeks ago and we’ve received none…)

so yes, we are looking for drawings, photographs, collages, embroidery, anything! also considering horror stories and reviews of horror films! also, pictures / drawings of your past and present halloween costumes! the main theme is vampires but other monsters & horror creatures / themes are welcome too. anything related to twilight is not welcome, unless its taking the piss out of sparkly ‘vampires’.

the zine will be quarter size / a6 but your piece doesn’t have to be necessarily, we’re perfectly able to resize things on the photocopier or in photoshop before we print it for the flats. you can either email us artwork in digital form or mail it (email us for the address).

we’d especially love zinesters we distro to take part in this compilation.

for more info comment, or email us at vampiresushidistro at


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