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November 8, 2011 / compilationstation

Submissions needed on hearing voices

I am collecting submissions for a zine written about and for people who hear voices. Hearing voices is a more common experience than most people realise, and one that is detrimentally linked to mental health problems and to a negative, stereotyped view of people with mental health problems. It has been argued that hearing voices is part of the human experience, and can be documented from the very beginning of our historical records.

I am open to any kind of submissions about the experience of hearing voices – whether your story is about yourself, about living with or caring for someone who hears voices (with their permission and/or appropriate annonymisation), about being diagnosed due to hearing voices, about positve or negative experiences of hearing voices, about one-off or ongoing experiences of hearing voices, about experiences of being labelled due to hearing voices.

Both personal and technical/academic writing is welcome in any format from prose to poetry and beyond. Artwork is welcome. Any submissions or questions about the project can be emailed to gadfi_um AT yahoo dot co dot uk


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