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March 2, 2012 / compilationstation

Coming Out Scarlet – Atheists Unite.

I NEED YOUR ATHEIST COMING OUT STORIES!  In approximately 500 words, please talk about coming out as an atheist and also try include encouragement for others to come out.  Let people know WHY coming out as a non-believer is important and how it has benefited your life.  I’d like to try to keep these essays more on the positive side for the sake of encouraging others.  Even if you had a hard coming out story with unsupportive family or friends, tell us how that experience solidifies who you are today. 

I feel we are at a time in history where it is more important than ever to speak up as non-believers.  Religious belief is a large part of what is holding back our women’s and queer rights and it is the root of much violence in our world.  From female castration to honor killings to flying planes into buildings.

I am not sure if this will work in enough time for Reason Rally but I am going to try.  If I have at least 6 entries I will go through and make something small for the rally, and then expand on it later.

This zine needs to be put together before March 24th (Reason Rally).  Thus the stories will need to be emailed to me by March 17th.

Please email your essay to

Include a name (or pseudonym), title your piece if you want,

For those finding this through the atheist channels who may not know what a zine is…


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