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June 12, 2012 / compilationstation

Forever After zine needs submissions!

In classic fairy tales, there are only two real roles for women: princess and witch. Princesses are usually cast into unfortunate circumstances through no real fault of their own and are redeemed by the value of their feminine beauty and the kindness of strangers. Witches are queens or stepmothers characterized by ugliness, evil, and envy.

These archetypes are destructive to the kids who grow up without any real concept of how the stories might shape our lives. Are our lives complete without a romantic male lead? Is it really fair to villainize our moms based on a cartoon?

There is no doubt that we are making steps towards stronger female role models in pop culture. But … what if you could write a story for yourself as a kid? Or for your son or daughter?

Forever After is a compzine that will try to bridge that gap on a punk/zine/DIY level and will especially be interested in including queer/POC/disability/marginalized voices. Please submit stories, poems, cartoons, and photos to

Deadline is 7/1/2012. Contributors receive a copy of the finished zine.


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