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December 4, 2012 / compilationstation

Seeking submissions for compilation zine about activism

I am starting a compilation zine called “How to Get Shit Done”. This will be interviews and articles by/about individuals who have worked to create something bigger than themself…  how revolutions are started when one person or a group of people decide to do something about it, and take ACTION. We all have ideas, dreams, hopes, but there is a gap between “just an idea” and “taking action”. and I want to document it, to hopefully inspire other people (including myself) of the power within ourselves to make a change.

“Get shit done” is a phrase I use for a day, such as, “today is a GSD day” and I dedicate myself to all the tedious tasks I gotta do. But the zine will be more than just a completed checklist of a day. I want stories from people who started projects that seem insurmountable all by yourself, but you still did it anyway. Organizing events, starting a farm, a band, making an invention that never existed before, recovering from a serious injury, having a child, organized activism, building your solar-powered dream-cabin in the forest. The power of a human to DO something positive. What are the steps you took, to make it happen? What have you learned about the process? What can you share about your experience?

There is no deadline yet, as I want to collect as many stories as possible. I would be thrilled if you’d like to submit an article (or photo, comic, drawing etc related to your project/ story)
send to halleyisbatty[at]gmail[dot]com


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